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Economic Analysis of Advanced Capitalism – Lecture Series

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CAMSED presents:
Economic Analysis of Advanced Capitalism
All are warmly invited to participate in our screenings of 30 lectures by Prof. Anwar Shaikh, accompanying his 2016 work ‘Capitalism: Competition, Conflict, Crises’:

Michaelmas screenings (lectures 1-7) will take place on Mondays, 4-5:30 in POLIS meeting room (138)

Lecture 1: Introduction to the course & long run structural patterns of capitalism
(October 10)

Lecture 2: Microeconomics (classical vs. neoclassical)
(October 17)

Lecture 3: Profit and production
(October 24)

Lecture 4: Aggregate profit
(October 31)

Lecture 5: Theory of (real) competition
(November 7)

Lecture 6: Theories of competition II
(November 14)

Lecture 7: Theories of competition III
(November 21)

Call for speakers – CAMSED Research Colloquium in Social and Economic Development

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CAMSED is pleased to announce the launch of its new initiative – the Research Colloquium in Social and Economic Development. The Colloquium aims to bring researchers from different disciplines working on subjects pertaining to social and economic development and share their research with a community of like-minded academics in the course of 1-hour lecture and Q&A session. The Colloquium will cover a wide range of topics within five core areas of interest:

  • History and philosophy of development
  • Global political economy of development
  • Development institutions
  • Education and social development
  • De-growth and ecological economics

CAMSED is calling for speakers to deliver a lecture covering their research within the specified areas of interest. In order to become a speaker during Michaelmas term, please, submit a 250 word abstract by October, 2 specifying the topic and a brief summary of your presentation to Anna Bilous,



About CAMSED. The Cambridge Society for Social and Economic Development (CAMSED) seeks to “promote and constitute a space for the academic discussion of research and policies related to social and economic development, from a multidisciplinary perspective”. To this end, the Society provides a forum for students and academics at the University of Cambridge and beyond for critical evaluation and dissemination of research and ideas in this field. It organises regular seminars related to the field of Development Studies and seeks to collaborate with similarly-motivated societies and individuals around the world. In recent years, we have held a seminar series on the Global Political Economy of Development and on the Future of Neoliberal Society.


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